Low cost solid shaft SuperseaL rotary vacuum feedthrough are recognized for their quality and performance. They are the ultimate value rotary sealing solution for vacuum environments. Select either a standard SuperseaL feedthrough or contact us to configure a custom product to meet your precise needs.

SuperseaL is based on a proprietary design protected by United States and international patents.

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FD-LSR SuperseaL - Base Plate Mount / Inch
FD-CF SuperseaL - Conflat Mount / Inch
FD-F1 SuperseaL - Klamp Mount / Inch
FD-BS SuperseaL - Nose Mount / Inch
RMS-LSR SuperseaL - Base Plate Mount / Metric
RMS-CF SuperseaL - Conflat Mount / Metric
RMS-NW SuperseaL - Klamp Mount / Metric
Feedthrough Repairs

Alternative to O-ring seals

A unique design, employing only three components (shaft, housing, and ferromagnetic material), means that the SuperseaL is a cost effective replacement for conventional O-ring rotary feedthroughs. By moving to a SuperseaL, the periodic maintenance requirements associated with conventional O-ring seals are eliminated. In addition, vacuum performance and rotational speed capabilities are vastly superior.

Patented SuperseaL design

Two opposed-polarity magnets are placed within the rotating shaft and the housing (made of ferromagnetic material) is an integral part of the magnetic circuit. A number of carefully formed grooves on the surface of the shaft determine the location of the fluid sealing rings. Because the shaft diameter is larger than the bearing journals in the region containing the magnets and grooves, there is no loss of strength as a result of using a grooved shaft.

The magnets are embedded in a matrix of ferromagnetic shaft material, which acts as a magnetic shunt. The casual observer may think this would weaken the magnetic field in the fluid seal, leading to a very weak seal. However, the reality is that by proper selection of materials and careful design, it is possible to make SuperSeal feedthroughs with very high pressure capacity.

SuperseaL II

In some applications, it is desirable to use a separate pole piece. Here a related design, called SuperSeal II, can be used. The figure (at right) shows a pole piece machined from a single piece of magnetic stainless steel, with small internal grooves to define the fluid regions. The shaft is smooth. Magnets are mounted in deep internal grooves. This design minimizes the number of parts required to produce a separate pole piece. Because the housing is not part of the magnetic circuit, an O-ring is required for static sealing of the pole piece to housing.

Pole Piece

General specifications

Maximum operating pressure differential:


37 PSIG / 2.5 ATM

Proof pressure tested to:

38 PSIG (@ 2000 rpm)

Helium leak tested to:

5 x 10-9 cc/sec

Bearing lubricant vapor pressure:

1 x 10-13 Torr

Bearing lubricant type:

Fomblin/Krytox blend


Either end




17-4 PH SS


17-4 PH SS

Ferrofluid type A300S

Base oil:



Vapor pressure:

1 x 10-10 Torr

Maximum operating temperature:


Feedthrough suitable for operating to:

1 x 10-8 Torr

Ferrofluid type F-310

Base oil:

Perfluorinated polyether

Vapor pressure:


1 x 10-12 Torr

Maximum operating temperature:


Feedthrough suitable for operating to:

1 x 10-9 Torr


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