Application: Stirring assembly


Manufacturing processes, spanning from pharmaceutical, biologics and chemical manufacturing to waste treatment, rely on hermetic rotary seals for applications that involve stirring a solution, suspension, or colloidal mixture. A hermetic seal is a seal which, for practical purposes, is considered airtight. The term hermetic is often used to describe sealing processes that are designed and intended to secure against the entry or exit of microorganisms or gases as well as to maintain the safety and quality of their contents.

We are a leading provider of magnetic fluid based rotary seals for process applications involving stirring or the transfer of rotary motion into a process vessel.

In the sewage digester application shown in the image, our seal unit prevents the methane gas, hydrogen sulfide, and other substances generated in the digester chamber of a sewage system from leaking to the outside. Compared with conventional water seals, very little maintenance is required.

Arc Discharge Apparatus

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